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China's Empty Cities

China's Empty Cities

Why are so many uninhabited cities still being built in China? Dateline returns to update one of its most watched stories, China's Ghost Cities, to find out.

China's E mp ty Cities

China’s Millionaire Migration. Over 100000 Chinese millionaires have moved to Vancouver, sparking everything from a reality show to a property boom making housing unaffordable. Dateline . Where Did A Million Chinese Millionaires Come From?. The Ka-Ching Dynasty! - China. From communism to capitalism, a new generation of very young, very rich people have emerged, but where did they come from?

China's Rich Girls - 101 East. Flashy, materialistic, with more money than they can spend - these are the privileged children of China's top one percent. From crashing sports cars to setting . China's Millionaire Pigeon Racers (Full Length). While most "nouveau riche" happily spend their new money on shit the old money has already deemed acceptable, China's spoiled young princelings aren't . Socialist China's Billionaire Playboys. The Orient Excess: Communist China now has over a million millionaires. But what do China's richest people do for fun? Subscribe to journeyman for daily .

The California Town Where Chinese Millionaires House their Kids—and Mistresses. The town of Arcadia California has gained the nickname "the Chinese Beverly Hills". Peggy Fong Chen, who makes a living selling high priced real estate in . Why Does China Have So Many Billionaires?. Why China And Taiwan Hate Each Other Subscribe! With over 300 billionaires, China's group of mega-wealthy . Welcome to the Good Life of China’s Wealthiest 1 Percent - GQ. For the newly rich in China maintaining a luxurious lifestyle is a strong indication that you are, essentially, killin' it. From bougie yachting conventions to polo .

China's Female Millionaires are in a Matchmaking Frenzy. Looking for Love: Chinese female millionaires look for dates Despite China's massive gender gap, successful women in China struggle to get a date. A complex . China's farmers-turned-millionaires - BBC News. How one family went from a farming life to becoming self-made millionaires. China's government is building new cities across the country on an epic scale, . China's Top Billionaire explains what's wrong with Donald Trump's Populist rhetoric (2017). Jack Ma shares his views on globalization and Donald Trump's populist rhetoric.

China's Super Mums - 101 East. China's Super Mums - 101 East Zhang Shasha stares out the window at a rare, blue, Beijing sky. "Next week I can go out," she says. "I miss outside!" But for now . China's Rich & Famous - Rich Lifestyle - Piers Morgan On Shanghai. Click Here =▻ -------------------------------------. Great Documentary China's Billionaires Club Exclusive club of the top Business people in China. POWERFUL MASTERMIND IDEAS THAT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER ☆$ SUBSCRIBE TO ME FOR GREAT VALUABLE CONTENT: .

Jack Ma China's Richest Man Say's, If You Don't Do It, Nothing Is Possible. Jack Ma China's Richest Man Say's, If You Don't Do It, Nothing Is Possible. China's Media Mogul - China. August 2008 Wang Zhongjun is one of China's 415000 millionaires and is head of Huayi Brothers -- a Chinese media empire. What does this former Communist . China's Millionaire Pigeon Racers (Part 1/3). Click here to watch part 2: While most "nouveau riche" happily spend their new money on shit the old money has already deemed .

Chinese Kids Driving Supercars: Inside the Secret Southern California Meet-up. China's ultra-rich are growing in number and in wealth - and are sending billions of dollars out of the country. Much of it is landing up in the U.S. where many . China's richest village: How did it get rich? (Huaxi Village Pt 1). Take a look at China's super village, a village so successful in blending socialist ideals with capitalist growth that it seems to have inspired even the North . Travelogue in Wenzhou: Into the home of China’s self-made millionaires. In this episode of Travelogue, join Tianran He as he heads to Zhejiang Province to visit the city of Wenzhou, home to many of China's self-made millionaires.

Why Are China's Rich Moving to the US? | China Uncensored. China's wealthy are moving to the US and they seem to have taken an interest in real estate. What does their immigration mean for China? Find out on this . Inside the World of China's Super-rich - Pre-release Extended Trailer. This Channel is brought to you by It features our latest work, including C films about Off-Grid life from - mainly American, but also from . The richest village in China is also mysterious. The citizens of this 240-acre "communist utopia" are very wealthy but aren't allowed to speak to the press. -------------------------------------------------- Follow BI Video .

Zhang Xin: China's real estate mogul. How did Zhang Xin go from working in a sweatshop to being a billionaire real estate developer? Lesley Stahl reports. Watch more HERE: . China's Executing One of Its Richest Men | China Uncensored. Why would China be executing one of its richest billionaires? Well, that's because he was also charged with murder, fraud, extortion, gun-running, illegal . Chinese abroad: why China's new rich are flocking to vancouver. Subscribe to France 24 now : FRANCE 24 live news stream: all the latest news 24/7 Visit our website .

China's Millionaire Pigeon Racers (Trailer). Watch part 1/3 here! While most "nouveau riche" happily spend their new money on shit the old money has already deemed . China's single women compete for love and riches. More than two hundred single women in Beijing emerged from thousands more nationwide to engage in a fierce matchmaking competition taking place across . China's Millionaire Pigeon Racers (Part 2/3). Continue to part 3 here: While most "nouveau riche" happily spend their new money on shit the old money has already deemed .

China's Elite Female Bodyguards. China's booming billionaire population has developed a penchant for personal bodyguards, who often serve as status symbols as well as muscle. Female . The Collapse Of China's Wealth And Power (Full Documentary). The Collapse Of China's Wealth And Power (Full Documentary). Exploring China's dramatic economic slowdown and its potential impact on the World. China . China’s Newest Export: Sending Rich Kids to Boarding School - GQ. How do you set your kids up for success amongst the competition? For China's wealthiest one percent you ship them off to boarding school so they can get .

earthrise - China's Transport Revolution - earthrise. Urban air pollution in China has reached crisis levels and studies estimate it kills more than a million people in the country each year. Since the 1980s . China's Empty Cities. Why are so many uninhabited cities still being built in China? Dateline returns to update one of its most watched stories, China's Ghost Cities, to find out. China's Millionaire Pigeon Racers (Part 3/3). Start from the beginning and watch part 1: While most "nouveau riche" happily spend their new money on shit the old money has .

$16K Banana-eating Lessons with China’s Wealthiest 1 Percent - GQ. For the über-rich in China it's not enough to own luxury goods, you need to know how to live a life of luxury. That's where Sara Jane Ho comes in. China's Planned Restart of ICO’s and CryptoCurrency Exchange Timeline Jan 2018 (449). Support ADAPT 2030 on PATREON Support ADAPT 2030 on PayPal The clampdown to regulate and . Safety Test: China's giant glass bridge hit with sledgehammer by BBC Technology Reporter. The world's highest and longest glass-bottomed bridge is expected to open next month. BBC Click's Dan Simmons was challenged to smash his way through .

China Millionaire Review - Is China Millionaire s SCAM?. China Millionaire Review Description: China Millionaire Scam? . The Devastating Effects of Pollution in China (Part 1/2). We went to the single most polluted place on earth, the coal-mining town of Linfen in Shanxi Province, China, where kids play in dirty rivers and the sun sets . China's Shocking Military Secret REVEALED. For more than 15 years, Chinese military hospitals across China have kept a closely guarded secret. Doctors at private hospitals know about it, and even .

The Land Where Women Rule: Inside China's Last Matriarchy. China's one-child policy led to millions of female infanticides—except in a lush valley known as the “Land Where Women Rule.” Located in the foothills of the . G20 documentary: China's Plan. Subscribe to CCTV on YouTube: CCTV: CCTV中文国际: Follow . China's Poverty Lie | China Uncensored. The People's Republic of China celebrates lifting over 800 million people out of poverty. Unfortunately, it was the Communist Party that destroyed China's .

Here's Why China's Economy Will Be So Hard to Fix. China's leaders have a mammoth task steering the world's second largest economy out of its current slowdown. This QuickTake examines the challenges they . Power grab at China’s National Congress. In China, the Communist Party's 19th National Congress in October 2017 determines who will rule the world's rising superpower for the next five years. 101 East - China's Big Goal: Football Domination. China is the world's rising superpower, but there is another area where it wants to excel: world football. It plans to have 50 million players and 50000 coaching .

The Big Threat to China's Economy | China Uncensored. Can China, an economy built on bribery, survive Xi Jinping's anti-corruption campaign? Contribute! Join the China Uncensored 50-Cent Army! GHOST CITY - Inside the Chinese Housing Bubble. Get 1 week early access to EVERY ADVChina episode by supporting us on Patreon SerpentZA: C-Milk: . China's Skateboarding Revolution. Skateboarding on the streets in the U.S. is tough. Cops bust you, people yell at you for being on their property and old guys certainly aren't .