Vancouver Drupalists Paying it Forward

Thanks to the mighty sponsors, noble volunteers and diligent attendees who made Drupal Camp Vancouver a success (and a lot of fun), Vancouver Drupal Camp finished with a bit of cash surplus ... even after all free lattes, brews and sandwiches, bamboo t-shirts and fancy locations.

The humble organizing junta (Dale, Arianne, Boris and DaveO) conferred and decided to allocate the surplus money to support other Drupal Camps. We also have a small token in mind for the presenters who stepped up with the excellent sessions and will likely keep a small float to help next year's camp get off the ground, ... and perhaps a post-camp organizer recap session.

To kick off this outreach project, we are very pleased to assist our fellow Drupalists at Drupal Camp Alberta (in Lethbridge, AB July 3&4 2008) and Drupal Camp Seattle (June 27 and 28). Please give an extra thanks to the DCV sponsors to keep the good vibes rolling.

Drupal Camp Vancouver Sponsors, Attendees, and Volunteers pay it forward
In Drupal we Trust!

PS Other regional Drupal Camps in need of a bit of help are encouraged to pitch ~ Victoria perhaps? Simply send us a note - soon!

Drupal Camp Vancouver is possible thanks to generous sponsors and diligent volunteers.

Big thanks go to:

ImageX Media
Building Opportunities with Business
Appnovation Technologies
Raised Eyebrow
VentureWeb Design Ltd.
Raincity Studios
Affinity Bridge
Social Signal
Active State
STC Canada West Coast