Building Community with Organic Groups (Double Session)

Time Slot: 
Friday 14:00 - Friday 16:30
470 (Wosk Centre)

This session will discuss the basic strategies for building a basic collaboration platform using the Organic Groups modules.

Intro to Organic Groups
Organic groups allows drupal users to create and join groups, creating collaborative spaces for content. This talk will discuss how to organize your data types, and implement groups to solve your specific requirements. Will demonstrate using Panels2 and OG together to create group-admin configurable homepages using the new og_panels module sponsored by Post Carbon Institute. Overview of some themeing approaches and discussion of future of groups will also be presented.

Implementing with OG
- Information Arch overview, will discuss how to structure content types, views and permissions
Example content types,
- forum / messages per group, using cck and views
- wiki books per group - book_expand module and permissions to allow wiki in drupal books
- blogs - each users, per group
- group context - find current group and theme accordingly

OG as access control
- open groups
- invite only
- closed groups
- private group, private content

Handy Modules - outline of requirements
- OG, og_panels, og_collections, og_vocab (optional) og_2list (optional and complex)
- Views
- Panels2
- other modules that play nice and do cool

Themeing concerns
- subthemes, restricting themes
- handling customization of group homepage (panels based and simple themeing like custom banners as examples)

Bounty - has anyone got this working??
Discuss what implementation would looks like, talk about API use in general (Optional)
- feedapi allowing for feeds into groups, creation of group content from feed items.
- notifications - highlight
- other input from floor

End Goals for implementing groups
- give configuration power to the group owners
- foster self-organizing
- using groups to divide complex tasks into attainable pieces