Bringing your Drupal community to life

Time Slot: 
Friday 16:45 - Friday 18:00
470 (Wosk Centre)

"If we build it, they will come."

That might work for baseball fields, but it ain't true for online communities and social media sites. Whether you've driven eyeballs to dozens of sites, or are launching a Drupal-based blog as your first venture on the web, you need to think through how you'll entice visitors to not only drop by your site, but join in the conversation.

This session will engage DrupalCampers in a conversation about how you can bring YOUR site to using real-world versions of Social Signal's favourite approaches to fostering user participation. Play with content aggregation, try your luck with contests and incentives, explore the art of animating a conversation, and gang up to tap the power of group-think. Come with your own ideas of how to spark community, and leave with new insights and tricks on how to do it better with Drupal.