Getting started with testing patches for the non-developer

Time Slot: 
Saturday 11:15 - Saturday 12:30
Boardroom (WorkSpace)

For non-developers that want to assist modules or the drupal core, and maybe start to get involved with development. Some knowledge of unix or a willingness to learn required.

* setting up your local environment
** using mamp/lampp/xampp packages
** cvs (xcode for macosx)
** hosts files
** virtual hosts

* introduction to source control, the reason for using them
* how to download drupal using anonymous cvs

* What are feature requests, issues and how are they submitted?
* The process where feature requests, issues become code, are reviewed and eventually become included with the module for distribution (patches)
* Overview of the issue/feature request/patch system in
* downloading and applying patches
* testing and editing the issue status