This is the critical part - if you have skills, commitment and tenacity and seek the warm feeling of admiration from your peers and fans, choose a prestigious title from the muster roll and sign up before someone steals your chance at glory!

* Tugboats - organize the volunteers, bring vision, momentum, insanity and happiness - Dale, Ariane, DaveO (each will oversee a few other categories below to keep cats herded ;-))

* Location Czar - find venue, give money, liasion with manager, rally clean up crew - Ariane

* Sponsor Consular - rally the local Drupal business community for funds drawing from list of prospects - DaveO, Malcolm, John B

* Food and Bevvie Captain - find lunch and drinks for many geeks and make it arrive to location - Jordan Behan (DaveO)

* Website Chairman - manage impending Drupal-powered (or Wiki?) site for registration, scheduling and aggregating - Dale, MikeC + assisted by Francis and Richard at RCS

* Track Principal - organize the tracks, review proposals (with a team?), schedule and inform presenters - Ariane, MikeC

* Promotional Promoter - spread the word to possible attendees, media, sponsors, Drupal world - DaveO

* T-Shirt Champion - source eco-friendly t-shirts and Drupal-styley design - Scott Morgan (DaveO)

* Barn-raising Neighbor - organize a project to benefit a non-profit which comes out the event - {Mack} (Dale)

* Money Magnate - keep the dollars organized and funneled, deposit paid, numbers added - Mariska (RCS) (Dale)

There will be plenty of opportunity to help in any of the above categories, the important thing is to declare you commitment using the contact form.