Waiting List for Drupal Camp Vancouver

Saying No is lame – As Dale pointed out the other day, Drupal Camp Vancouver is sold out, in fact we are beyond sold out. Your humble organizers were a bit surprised at how fast the 90 slots filled up. We’ve added a few more spaces for sponsors and volunteers bringing the total up to capacity.

This means we’ve had to tell some people “NO” which frankly sucks since everyone should be able to attend but really, the space is maxxed out despite the interest.

Not Registered? Come party anyhow! So, if you missed the sign-up … what can we tell ya? Who knew. To make it up to the folks whom cannot squeeze in, please come down to the DCV kick off party to mingle (and gripe) with us. If you find me (daveo) and use the code word “Belgium” you might get a free beer to assuage your lament.

Can’t Make it to DCV?

Last minute cancellation? Please let us know so we can add folks who are eagerly and patiently sequestered on the waiting list.

Wanna get on the list?

To be honest, your chances are pretty slim but to give hope in this moment of despair, please send your name, etc. via the contact form.

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